Business Culture

Business culture is the key to sustainable success.  We can help you review your current culture and implement the right development training so that your people become agents growth. We believe in a culture where everyone can win!

Vision Setting & Sharing

 We will help you and your team articulate and share the vision at all levels. Turning your vision into meaningful relationships and processes.


Tension between layers of management is due to a lack of understanding. Our leadership coaching will promote creativity and growth.

Growing People

Business success is dependent on the quality of the people you employ. We will help you develop an enabling culture where your people are constantly developing.

PennyDrop Values

Our Mission

To find, create and implement
innovative and sustainable solutions
in business and education.

Our Beliefs

Work should be fun and rewarding
Integrity is the best way to be successful
It is better to grow people than control them
Nothing is beyond hope

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