Business Technology

Choosing the right technology for your business is time consuming and stressful. You want to be strategic but there are so many things to consider. Technology is changing all the time and you do not want to buy something that will be obsolete within a year. Let us help you build a strategy that is tailored specifically to your business. We don’t sell technology and we don’t except commission from technology vendors. This means we only recommend solutions that work for you.  

Cloud Technology

 We can help you work out the best solutions for
- email
- document storage
- collaboration
- media sharing
- diary management 

We can also help you get set up with various services, training your staff and designing the workflows.


We can get you started, simply and cheaply.

We can help you with your current website and make sensible decisions about
- Hosting
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- Website strategy

We can help you evaluate the alternatives for website building. You’ll understand the value of using a web developer or building your own. 

Productivity Apps

Perhaps you have a process that you want to automate.
Maybe you struggle with Word Processing or Spreadsheets.
We can work with your staff to get the best out of the applications you have.

We can also help you find new apps that will save time or reduce costs.
We can also help you reduce your software license costs.

PennyDrop Values

Our Mission

To find, create and implement
innovative and sustainable solutions
in business and education.

Our Beliefs

Work should be fun and rewarding
Integrity is the best way to be successful
It is better to grow people than control them
Nothing is beyond hope

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