How We Work

Simple Solutions For Complex Problems

You have dreams and ambitions for your business! You are sure there is a better way of doing things but it’s hard to sort through the tech and all the good ideas. We’ll help you get a clear strategy for your business.


We will listen to you and your people, understanding how your business works and your dreams for the future. Our report will suggest practical, cultural and technological solutions.


Change management is complex and risky. We will help you implement the solutions. It may be staff training and development, technology systems or simplified processes.


With a strong culture and efficient processes you are in the perfect position to grow you business. You are ready to handle expansion because you have firm foundations.

PennyDrop Values

Our Mission

To find, create and implement
innovative and sustainable solutions
in business and education.

Our Beliefs

Work should be fun and rewarding
Integrity is the best way to be successful
It is better to grow people than control them
Nothing is beyond hope

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